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Notorious Liverpool street – a mean hill

I found a mean as hell hill 2 minutes walk from where I live. Its on Liverpool street and I swear this mother is on a real steep incline. I can only do about 6-7 times up it in 40 minutes without puking or hyper ventilating.

I am talking about wearing a 40lb weight vest at the same time of course.

Soon I’ll get a tire or two and some cables and do a hand pull/push sled with weight vest. Then I may well pass out or collapse almost.

Anyway this video doesn’t do justice to the hill & makes it look short and easy but its actually a mean hill.

This dude skating used to live in my neighborhood Herne Bay 20 years ago but I don’t know him. He’s a bit of a local character. I just wanted to show you guys the hill.

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