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My New Kung Fu book

I have written my first proper commercial book. Its called “Iron Power Palm” and is a how to manual for people that want to train to break with the hands for martial arts.

Iron Palm

The book is 285 pages and fully illustrated. I expect to have it available for purchase in ebook form in the next few days and as a hardcopy book after xmas.

Kung Fu and BodyBuilding

Many of us western strength athletes are shocked when we discover that most of our precious exercises were in use hundreds of years ago in China.

Weight vests, kettle bells, wrist rollers, progressive resistance, all of these and much more are actually part of Kung Fu conditioning. So Kung Fu is a great adjunct to weight training and bodybuilding as practiced in the west.

In addition to the muscle building we have honed in the west the Chinese developed knowledge of electro physiology in the form of the meridians and points that western science did not discover.

They also developed methods for developing the bones and tendons to withstand the rigors of warfare.

Personally I am now 5 months into a daily Iron Palm regime, training to smash objects with my bare hands. I am being very careful to avoid arthritis and damage. Daily I apply Chinese Dit Da Jow liniment. Soon I will begin internal medicine to aid recovery also. I am adding Iron Arm conditioning for my fore arms and in a month will also begin Iron Shirt Chi Kung to condition my entire body.

On top of this I do my regular weights and jump rope cardio. So it makes for a busy schedule.

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