Using Sledge Hammers Like Indian Clubs

How much is a pair of heavy indian clubs ? $50-$150 bucks is my guess. But you can get the exact same workout with heavy hammers for a fraction of the price – why waste your cash?

This is the way to strengthen your wrists for sure. My new grip book publishing soon has a section on hammer training for wrist strength.

Crazy Grip Training Videos

OK I made a couple of cheesey videos on my grip training.

First one is a montage from a 30 minute workout with some catchy keygen music added.

Please don’t be frightened.

Nail bending

Apart from heavy kettlebell swings there is another exercise that will give you a killer grip – its nail bending.

Once you find six inch hardware nails easy you can progress by snipping an inch off them with bolt cutters. The move on to bolts, screw drivers door hinge pins etc.

Admittedly I am new to the sport and have only bent a dozen nails so far. But they have all bent fully. I also have a “power twister” which the packaging says is 60KG torsion. A six inch hardware nail takes 280 – 350 lbs of force to bend but the power twister is much harder than a nail. I would say it takes 400 lbs of force (compared to the nails) so I don’t know where they get the 60KG from but its definitely much more.

Here I am bending a six inch nail.

Now my tendons are still getting broken in and boy – this really hurts like heck afterward. the first session it hurt all the next day – now I find it hurts for an hour or two after.

Ultimate Kettlebell Grip Exercise

Yep its gotta be the simplest kettlebell exercise of them all – The Swing !!!

But not just any swing. What you need to do is get a kettlebell thats way beyond your strength level in most exercises. So if you normally do your presses and cleans with a 20KG or 24KG, use a 40KG for the heavy swings.

You will need to have developed your motor skill set with kettlebells before using heavy weights and remember to use tension throughout to stabilize the move.

Do high swings with one arm and you will feel it in your grip and forearms immediately. Much better than barbell curls.

Good Luck.

Climb a mountain in your weight vest !!!

Reckon you could climb a mountain in a weight vest. It sounds impossible – right?

A mountain is big. This is New Zealand’s biggest mountain…

mt cook

Mt Cook is 12,316 ft. Its very beautiful but I’m damned if I want to climb it in a weight vest. I found some concrete steps in a park about a minutes walk from my place.

meyers park

Its 60 or so steps to this level…

meyers park

Then another 50 plus into the shopping mall above…

meyers park

Over 110 steps so that must be at least 40 feet.

12,316 ft divided by 40 = 307

If I can climb these steps 307 times in my weight vest I have climbed the equivalent of a mountain.

Today I did it six times and nearly blew my ass – I have a 40 lb vest and will try adding one more climb each day I do it. It is one “hell” of a cardio workout and not too bad for the thighs either.

Totally Excellent Kettlebell Training Steve Cotter Review

OK its been a while since I posted – been working on my kungfu book. Today a review with zero ulterior motive. This is my honest opinion of the product – I make no money.


steve cotter

steve cotter

steve cotter

They are far and above the very best in Kettlebell training available. This guy Steve Cotter is highly professional. He is also a world Kung Fu champion so although the guy is soft spoken he is certainly an outstanding athlete.

More importantly he is an outstanding fitness coach. Pretty much every Kettlebell exercise you will ever need is covered methodically and in depth – really you cant expect much more from a training DVD series.

Get’s FreeFitnessGuru’s ***** 5 star award *****

Manuka Honey super antibiotic

I am suffering with a molar abscess at present. My doctor and dentist are both on holiday for another week at least.

About 5 days ago I was in deep trouble, fever and shakes all night and extreme pain. There was an abscess the size of a pea on the gum near the tooth.

Without treatment anywhere I had to find a way to treat it my self – I had tried to squeeze the abscess to burst it. This didn’t work but boy did that hurt. What that did do is spread the infection into my blood stream so I became very sick.

The next day after shaking with a fever all night I got a needle and stuck it through the abscess about 5 times. I then got a green tea bag and placed it against the abscess as a poultice. Then I went back to bed to rest. About 7 hours later the abscess was 80% drained but I still felt very ill.

The abscess was gone the next day and there was a small hole going through the gums to the Molar roots.

I drank green tea continuously for 3 days and kept a fresh tea bag on the abscess area for 3 days. I needed antibiotics as the infection made me very weak and green about the gills. I used Garlic, Onions and Ginger all fried up in olive oil along with a delicious steak. Had a few of those.

Also have been mouth washing with apple cider vinegar which is disgusting.

Anyway this brings me to the Manuka honey. Manuka is Tea Tree, a common bush in New Zealand.


tea tree

Tea Tree is a well known disinfectant and anti bacterial. It turns out the honey made from manuka flowers concentrates the antibiotic properties of the plant. But not just any honey, they actually grade the medical value of the antibiotic with a UMF rating – Ultimate Manuka Factor.


Now I say its a Super Antibiotic because it can actually kill the super bug – meningitis found in many hospitals. It kills a host of bacteria and is at least as effective as penicillin in many cases.

But you need UMF 20 for it to be worth while. regular honey is no good.

Heres the cheapest place I could find to get it:


Tis the season to be… ill

My holiday period has not been great. I had food poisoning for 7 days two weeks ago and now my molar has a very nasty abscess.

Yesterday I had a full on kettlebell session – big mistake as I developed a fever in the evening.

I had a fever and shakes last night. But managed to lance the abscess with a needle today. Hopefully with some rest, lots of garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar it will clear up until the dentists are open again and I can get it pulled out.

I CAN NOT wait.

Omega 3 and Carnitine Fat Loss Formula

I found this video on the Poliquin website so I thought I would share it with you. This is cheap and easy, 45 gm’s of omega 3 plus 4-6 gm’s of carnitine tartrate. Maybe wanna check what happens to cholesterol when you go off the regimen though. With some cholesterol lowering supplements it does a spike or rebound once you stop supplementing. That of course is dangerous.

Applied Neuroplasticity for Ultimate Brain Fitness

Neuroplasticity is a growing area of research in neuroscience. The term first picked up on Google only in 2005.

Basically the brain can rewire itself changing what you can do or who you are in the process. Politicians would have us believe that our sexuality, sexual orientation, intelligence including IQ and personal character are genetically hard wired and unchangeable.

This has been completely debunked by neuroplasticity.

The therapies are exciting and the potential benefits to you as an individual are HUGE !!

Don’t let the bad guys categorize you – be free.


Imagine what you can do…

Channel or alter your sexuality, develop a photographic memory & greater intelligence, alter your personality.

Ultimately admit that YOU – NOT YOUR GENES are responsible for your moral behavior and become a more responsible adult rather than a brainwashed political sheep.

Bodybuilding and fitness provide the anabolic foundation for a personal applied neuroplasticity program.

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