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How do Push ups compare with Bench Press?

This is going to be a short succinct post.

Basically a regular push up is about 65% of your body weight – this is established & if you don’t believe it get some scales.

If your legs are raised its 75% of body weight so for me at about 220 lbs a push up is about 154 lbs.

If I put on my 66 lb weight vest then a push up is 220 lbs. OK that’s an average kind of bench certainly nothing special.

I stopped benching when I switched to KB training but I yearn the stimulation of super heavy weight. I used to bench 400lbs on the machine loaded with extra plates for 5 sets of 6 reps.

So the final step is the get a power pushup from lifeline – which I just ordered off ebay for under $100 including shipping to New Zealand.

With this thing I can take my chest strength back to where it once was 400 lbs+.

power pushup

New Dragondoor Sandbag training book

I have been on the lookout for a decent sandbag training book for a while. Ross Enamait has some decent stuff. Finally Dragondoor released a course.

DVRT, The Ultimate Sandbag Training System by Josh Henkin

sandbag training

I am a fan of their stuff but not all of it. This book initially did not impress so much as usual during my first scan. There are typos and some of the writing rambled – but the actual program is great and by the end of the book I was impressed.

sandbag training

Impressed enough that I will buy some proper sandbags now to use in addition to my big home made bag. Use this & Neuromass & you will be a machine.


However what I still want to see is a decent weight vest training book – which the guy at as been working on for years but never released.

If you are in New Zealand you can pick up some bags from elitefitness.

Hiking with 100lb weight vest

I decided last night to do a proper walk with 100lbs having previously only messed about in the car park with that weight.

Here I am with my MIR Vest loaded to 66lbs

mir vest

mir weight vest

Then I put my old chinese 40 lb vest on top of it.

100 lb weight vest

100lb weight vest

100 pound weight vest

Then I walked downtown where I knew I could catch a bus once I was knackered. Had no idea if it would work out OK.

It started to rain and I did slip and fall on the pavement once but apart from that it was all good. Got home an hour later. People looked at me like a freak as I huffed and puffed along as this vest combo definitely sticks out like a sore thumb.

My left knee got a little bit tender afterward so I put kungfu liniment on it.

Here’s my after shot…


Increased Weight Vest to 66lbs

I love my MIR vest. Up to 66lbs now no troubles.

mir weight vest weight vest

The next hot fitness trend? Training like a Navy SEAL


This post is from Foxnews – jeeze havent I been telling you guys this stuff for ages…

Training for U.S. Navy SEALs, the special operations force, follows a warrior tradition that harkens back to Samurais, but fitness experts say the tough regime is gaining popularity with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, lawyers and elite athletes.

The workout, geared toward mental as well as physical transformation, is so demanding that the casual gym-goer looking to shed 10 pounds before swimsuit season need not apply.

“We look at training as being as important to our life as eating and sleeping,” said retired Navy SEAL commander and fitness instructor Mark Divine, the author of “8 Weeks to SEALFIT: a Navy Seal’s Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness.”

SEALFIT draws on the varied, high-intensity interval training of CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, strongman exercises, yoga, and martial arts.

“CrossFit is baked into the SEALFIT model,” said Divine, “but our workouts are much longer: two hours if you go through the whole thing.”

Divine believes if you lean into hard work it becomes enjoyable, even transformational, although he admits the rigorous type of training has become rare in modern society.

Along with first responders, extreme athletes and special ops candidates, Divine’s training site outside San Diego, California, attracts entrepreneurs and executives. About 20 to 30 percent of his clients are women.

Breathing exercises, concentration drills and visualization exercises are as crucial as physical prowess to Divine, who is trained in Ashtanga, a rigorous form of yoga, and in martial arts.

Working in as well as working out, he said, cultivates the warrior spirit, or kokoro, a Japanese word he defines as the merging of heart and mind in action.

Stew Smiths new Navy Seal Weight Training book

Stewart is one of my favorite fitness experts – his programs are hard.

Hard to complete that’s for sure and its because the end objective is passing special operations selection. Well perhaps thats the preliminary objective. Anyway I got his new book & it is recommended to periodize this program with his other Navy Seal Training book.

Together these two programs WILL make you physically invincible – but its highly unlikely you will fully hack either.

stew smith navy seal book

Stew is a great trainer & this program has very strong parallels with the SAS prep program I posted a link to in my ruck marching post.

5 star program as with most of Stewart Smiths stuff.

Some Kettlebell videos

I finally tried my digital camera for making videos. Nothing fancy but I will make some better ones.

Here I am doing helicopters with 16 & 40 KG’s and some cleans with the 90 pounder.

Neuromass Book review

Neuromass is a new book from Dragondoor by Jon Bruney.

neuro mass book

This is the guy thats pulls trucks with the grip master – John Brookfield.
Its a great training manual and is nearly 300 pages long.


Basically his training program is broken down into 3 main types of training. The last being Isometric.

The dynamic exercises include bodyweight and kettlebells. Many exercises are chosen for increased difficulty.

His two mentors or models in the book appear to be mainly John Brookfield and Alexander Zass.


They (dragondoor) are also marketing a couple of new isometric gadgets in connection with the book. One is a T-Pipe device for pushups. I went to the plumbing store to get parts to make some but instead got a couple of Ballcocks which will work even better for grip stress.

Here are a couple of good links for isometric info:

Isometric Training

Isometric Gear

…and info on Zass

I give the book a 5 star –> one of Dragondoor’s better offerings & most of their stuff is good

zass statue

Weight vest training tips

First up you need a good program & the best I have found is a military special forces operator training program.

SAS program

OK that program is about as intense as you want to get training by yourself. Remember in the military you have medical support – no kidding.

Second if you want some inspiration read about this guy that is an ex delta force operative & at 63 still does regular ruck runs…

ruck running

Thats impressive and I was delighted to see he recommends the excellent POSE running techniques

Pose running video:

100 lbs weight vest tryout

Here I am wearing the 40 lb vest over the 60 lb vest

weight vest

100 lb weight vest

weight vest

100 lbs quite comfortable initially but it gets the heart rate up very quickly. I only trained for 20 minutes doing hill walking outside but I will build up the times in coming months. Basically it feels little worse that the 40 or 60 initially but things change fast.

Special forces train with 100 lb rucks often including shuffle runs and workouts lasting hours.

Weight this heavy is not used all the time though.

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