Injuries suck

In my 32 year training history I have only had two serious injuries. The first was whiplash back in my army reserve days. Primarily this was caused by using a neck harness and doing 200 reps with 80lbs in the forward position only.

After a few months of doing this strength stunt a guy in the army put me into a headlock while wrestling. A few days later my neck was screwed. I went to a chiropractor and got an x-ray. My neck was straight like a broom stick.

It actually took me 5 years to get it fully pain free with no further recurrences.

Now I have torn two tendons in my rotator cuff on the left shoulder. As I often make money painting this is very not good and I have never had any shoulder problems prior to this at all.

Main culprit for this injury – very heavy weight vest training. The main problem is putting the thing on but I’m sure the duration of my sessions has not helped.

I have now done 3 months of physio and am about 60% healed up. But this is a debilitating injury and I need 100% repair. My next step is. Platelet Injection.

Fingers crossed that PRP treatment will get me over the recovery line.

Even Evander Holyfield & Vitali Klitschko had a torn rotator cuff & Vitali Klitschko boxed professionally for a further 13 years after rotator cuff repair.

Here is a great video on Rotator Cuff recovery:

My first day using DMSO

My first day using DMSO was a complete success. DMSO stings like sunburn at 100% dilution. It also turns the skin red just like sunburn. But that only lasts about 20 minutes. It gets itchy, prickly & stings. Then the stuff soaks into the skin – you dont rub it.

After 10 minutes the analgesic property is pretty much 100%. I could feel zero pain in my shoulder that has hurt for 11 weeks. I could even stretch in positions that would have dropped me to the floor in agony an hour earlier.

This analgesia lasts for 3-5 hours and is very pronounced. Yesterday I had the best workout I have had in 11 weeks – it was great.

You do need to be careful because there is such great pain reduction you dont want to forget you have an injury. The smell is there but not sickening to the user. I dont know how it would smell to another person. Probably quite bad.

As for the anti inflammatory effect it will take a couple of weeks to kick in I expect.

With DMSO you must be very careful not to contaminate it with any toxins. I intend to use Aloe Vera gel to help with the skin sting but I will only use 100% pure Aloe with no nasty chemicals added.

Same if you want to use it with vitamins etc. Only use a small amount as it will go straight into your blood using this stuff. Anything under 400 ng/mol molecular weight will absorb.

So by itself DMSO is non toxic but is as poisonous as anything mixed with it.

Large studies have shown 70-80% success for tendon tears & 80-90% for bursitis.

Here is the bottle I have:


And the purity level:


Purchase DMSO in New Zealand Here

You need Collagen now – to save your joints

Collagen should be up to 30% of your daily protein. That means if you have 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and weigh 200 lbs you should be having 66 grams of collagen.

Did you bother to check?

Have you ever bothered to supplement with collagen and do you even know how?

I bet for most of us the answer is no & yet we take creatine, whey protein, eat a lot of fruit and veges etc.

I have trained 32 years and didnt care less about collagen. Now I have had a rotator cuff tear for ten weeks and all of a sudden my attitude has changed.

If you want to retain your youth you better get serious about collagen intake.

Bone Broth

So what is the best way to increase collagen to the extent that it is definitely 30% of your protein intake?


Yep good old common gelatin. Two kinds of it collagen hydrolysate & regular collagen (gellatin) are required.

I just went over the street to the asian food market & they have 3kg bags of gelatin for $70 – SCORE!!!

My collagen Hydrolysate I will get from the USA or aliexpress.

Here is the link $118 for an 8lb sack Collagen Hydrolysate

Collagen Hydrolysate

Now there are plenty of different suppliers so shop around

The bottom line is you need to be taking this stuff every day of your life & plenty of it.

If you dont? Well you may tear a tendon as I just did, you may get muscle sprains, breathing problems, heart disease. collagen is required by capiliaries. You will age & die sooner.

Just take the darn stuff.

Deer Antler Velvet Update

I posted a little while back about DMSO as a transdermal delivery mechanism for Pine Pollen & Deer Antler.

As far as Pine Pollen is concerned yes – go for it. The DHEA, Testosterone, amino acids and other molecules will be transported into your blood.

IGF-1 however has a molecular weight over 1200 ng/mol & DMSO will only transport stuff under 400 ng/mol

Thats OK as most nutrients are under 400 ng/mol

For those larger molecules such as IGF & vitamin B12 for example we must go a step further.

We must concoct our own liposomal delivery substance. Essentially this means blending DMSO, Lecithin and your chosen nutrients and exposing it to ultrasound vibration.

Easy desktop stuff and here is more information Home Made Liposomal Delivery

That article is about doing it for Vitamin C but it will work for IGF-1, B12 and anything that works transdermally too.

If the stench of DMSO is too much you can make the liposomal delivery system with alcohol.

Just remember if the molecular weight is under 400 ng/mol then DMSO is as good as pinging it.

Injury progress

Things are going as well as they can with two torn tendons in my left shoulder.

The Accident

To cut a long story short I lifted an odd shaped object overhead with improper form. Its as simple as that. The odd shaped object was my 80lb weight vest which I then proceeded to use for an hour. When putting it on I struggled & contorted the wrong way. Tore two tendons.


Its been two months since the initial injury. For the past two months I have seldom raised my left arm above shoulder height. To do so would result in intense pain. Putting my hand behind my back has been the same.

There has been pain all night if I exercise or lift weight too hard but its a dull ache not severe.

Stretching it is pure agony.

The Physio

I waited three weeks before seeing the physio because I hoped it would heal up and go away. It did not.

First visit he did some tests and told me I have bursitis and a possible small tear.

I was sent for an ultrasound and they made me take an x-ray also. I have two small tears in the subscapularis and infraspinatis and bursitis in my left shoulder.

The physio is guiding me through a progressive recovery starting with isometrics only initially. Now I do band exercises and stretches.

If it doesnt hurt I am allowed to do it.

What Exercise can You Do?

Well its actually nowhere near as bad as it sounds training wise. I can not lift overhead or do benchpress. Anything behind the back is out. Apart from that I can train exactly like normal even with the same weights.

Have I lost condition?

Over all no none at all with the exception of my left shoulder. My left arm is fine I can still do heavy bicep curls. tricep kickbacks etc. But I can lift zero above my shoulder. Until this week I could not stretch my arm above my shoulder without pain so did not try.

Today I have regained the ability to raise my arms but not straight up by a wide margin so it may take a month of daily careful exercise to regain a fully stright vertical arm. Before doing this I will check with the physio that it is safe to do.

Any new exercise I add I check with the physio first. So yes I have lost considerable range of motion in my left shoulder & no doubt strength but I wont be testing that for 1-2 months.

I can do side delt raise with bands & trap shrugs with 140 lbs (2 x 70 lb kettlebells). I can do front raise and cable flyes.

So the injury is very specific in that it prevents over head & behind back only.

When will I be better again?

I expect the bursitis and pain to be fully gone in two months. That will be four months after the injury. I expect to be pressing over head & doing pressups and bench again about four months from now with light to moderate weight.

I expect to be lifting heavy overhead & weight vest training six to seven months from now.

Full recovery from tendon injury is widely regarded as 9 months same as getting pregnant.

What medication have I taken?

Zero. None at all I think in the last two months I have taken two ibuprofens which I felt seriously guilty for taking. I have used Turmeric & black pepper instead. I have also used a raw ginger poultice a couple of times. Thats it.

Its highly unlikely that I will take a cortisone shot into the bursa.

I do intend to experiment with DMSO and deer antler velvet. I will put this directly onto the wound and maybe sublingually. I also intend to use Pine Pollen & Black Ant extract with DMSO. This is to combat andropause and should have a dramatic effect on the tendon healing. I will not apply DMSO directly to the tendon for an extended time. Perhaps daily for a week then once per week for a month.

If I could use ostarine, other SARMS and peptides I would but they are illegal in New Zealand and hence expensive and difficult to import.

I will at some point be moving overseas and will become a regular user of SARMS & peptides.

My Advice

First of all if you are a serious athlete that trains with weights & will do so for life you probably have a 50% chance of a tendon tear. Its something we all dread. Took me 32 years before it happened. I started lifting at 16.

So just do what you can for your joints, good supplements, warm ups and downs, special exericises. Physio equipment like PEMF can help too.

Also have rest days and periodize your training.

In addition if you are 40-50 start considering Hormone replacement and chemical performance enhancement at some point.

Rotator cuff update

Its been two months since I tore my rotator cuff. Each day I get a tiny bit better but boy when I do stretches on this sucker it hurts in a way that simply isnt normal.

Never mind. Today I started using kungfu Dit Da Jow. I did not use it sooner but probably should have. By using Jow, and drinking or eating turmeric I have less pain than if I was using ibuprofen. Ginger too is great. I am also taking cissus quadrangularis. I will try DMSO for the first time in a couple of weeks.

So I pong like jow, have orange shoulders, cant bench press or lift over head.

Apart from that everything is perfectly normal.

Pine Pollen Update

Very good news concerning Pine Pollen & Deer Antler

I made a post some time ago extolling the use of these natural extracts. Well it seemed to fall short as while they do indeed contain an awesome profile of anabolic and health enhancing substances, oral absorbtion falls far short of making them useful. Even making tinctures using alcohol seemed to fall short. The alcohol may well extract many of the compounds but they still only pass minimally into the blood stream.

Well fortuitously I tore my rotator cuff. I developed bursitis and in the process of researching joint pain & inflammation cures I came accross good old DMSO.

DMSO is a chemical we have all heard of but many may have forgotten as I did.

DMSO is an organic solvent, largely non-toxic with many pleasant health side effects. Relevant to Pine Pollen and Antler is the fact that it transports chemicals through the skin and into the blood stream. In the case of testosterone the valid research indicates it is close to 100% absorbtion.

So if one uses DMSO instead of alcohol then you have a tincture that is better than medical hormone replacement – problem solved.

Be aware this will definitely lead to testicular shutdown so its up to you to determine a suitable administration protocol.

Also DMSO is a double edged sword. While it is non toxic it will transport any toxin directly into your blood. So if you are sloppy about how you use it death & organ damage are a definite possibility, or cancer down the track.

You must take meticulous care to use only pure compounds that do not contain any contaminants, all storage vessels and application utensils must be preferably glass.

No messing about with this stuff as the physiological effect is exacly the same as injection. FDA has all but banned it and consider why – every cannabis, meth & heroin addict would be poisoning themselves to death if it caught on.

Rotator Cuff Injury

I have never had any shoulder injury or weakness in 32 years of lifting. 3 and a half weeks back I did an 80lb weight vest session. As I put the vest on I kind of dropped it onto my shoulders in an awkward position. I noticed some minor shoulder pain but continued.

The shoulder pain is minor but has persisted for all this time nearly a month now. I knew all along it was rotator cuff when it did not go away after a couple of days. Thus I have been doing the standard things. Rest initially, I did not ICE but should have on the first & second day. Total cessation of overhead & bench press. Many exercises have zero pain such as heavy side holds with KB’s. Isometric press in a doorway. Most isometrics dont hurt. Kettlebell swings dont hurt.

What does hurt is anything overhead or behind my back. I am lucky its a level one tear only. I went to physio on Monday and he tested it out, said I have bursitis and a possible tear but my pain levels and range of motion are good.

I went for xrays and ultrasound today which revealed a small subscapularis tendon tear, bursitis and inflamation.

So I am in for a couple of months of physio – possibly a bit more to get it back to heavy overhead lifting. Certainly two months to normal use.

Lots of isometrics and rotator cuff stuff. Its surprising with this injury – which incedentally I have always feared, it hurts much less than I thought. But I only have a small tear. The ultrasound technician said most of the pain will be from the bursitis and inflamation not the tear.

Honestly it does not hurt much but I am not dumb. This is a potential disaster if the tear gets worse or comes back so I have altered my exercise accordingly.

Not the end of the world, life goes on & training goes on.

Hypoxic Weight Vest Training

Want a simple uncomplicated workout that pushes you to the physiological & psychological brink?

Here I am with my elevation mask & 80lb weight vest.


elevation mask

Just put them on & walk for 40-60 minutes.

Why Muscle Man Cant run – Or why the Army wont take Arnold look alikes

Lets face it those good at mid & long distance running are skinny little runts.

If you want to be military, particularly Army you have to be able to run and run fast for long distances. Sadly you can not do this if you are big.

You may be a far better athelete but if your BMI is high you will be a bad runner even if you are not obese but muscular. You simply can not have the best of both or all worlds. Trust me the military has been at it for thousands of years. If they had figured a way to have super muscular troops that can run 10km fast they would not be testing BMI.

There is simply no trade off or workaround. If you want to do well in the military you need to get your BMI down and increase your strength to weight ratio. So for me at 5ft 11in this would mean going down to 80-90kg and getting as strong as possible.

Clearly this is not an athletic ideal but it is a military ideal. Remember the military is an outfit that is training you potentially to die not to win a muscle man contest.

So what can you do if you are young and have instinctive yearnings to be a combat soldier but also want to be a muscle man?

Well what I would do is focus on the military objective because once you are 35-40 you will be past the expiry date anyway. Go hard, have your military career. Then when the time comes retire & change your training & physique.

Now another option is to cut to the chase. Stuff the military, pack on the muscle & become a muscle man – hell you can pay for your own gun & skydiving – right?

Its up to you – just be aware you can not do both at once.

Muscle Man can not run!!!

He can however sprint & can carry heavy loads for long distances. Could muscle man be a better soldier? Maybe but not within the institutionalized military.

Maybe he can be a better operator but not at official special forces. He can certainly be a better police officer, bodyguard, arena combat athlete or street fighter.

Also if you are too big for medium & long distance running accept that as your reality. Dont fight the flow – go with it. Take up sprinting & high intensity training.

Now take a look at these sprinters:

sprinter sprinter sprinter

Those are magnificent lean physiques right?

Who the hell would not want to look & feel like that? Well stop trying to do mid & long distance. Do the hit training. Be a sprinter, bodybuilder, power athlete. You can still have a magnificent cardio-vascular system. Whats more this style of training is better for your heart & longevity than skinny man endurance training which actually causes heart muscle damage.

Muscle man is fitter than skinny man even though for certain jobs skinny man is better – including ironically being a modern combat soldier or special forces comando.

If you want to be a comando do not become a bodybuilder or a sprinter. Simple fact easy to understand. BMI may not accurately reflect your athleticism or health but it does reflect your ability to run mid & long distance.

One final point to raise is just why upper body mass seems to be beneficial for sprinters. It is extra weight to carry after all. The answer’s involve biomechanics, peripheral heart action & nerve force irradiation. So be assured that yes a bigger & stronger upper body definitely amplifies sprinting capacity – which is great.

Finally here are some links on sprint training, BMI and VO2max:

Sprint Training

Ideal Running Weight

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