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Army fitness training at 40

Man I nearly have my ass back in the army as an electronics systems engineer.

Its a good job to see me through the recession but I have to admit at 40 I felt out of place at the fitness induction.

I was twice the age of all of them, and I’m disappointed to say my perfomance on the run was very poor. Not only that but I am much bigger at 100 kg than the others there.

Well wait till the little ferrets find out they are too skinny to carry a pack and we’ll see then.

Meanwhile I have a shitload of running to do, must say its a chore. I’m doing 5 runs a week on a 6 week army program.

I have 4 months until boot camp (basic training) if I make it in. I will add hill sprints and pack runs once I have done the 6 week program.

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