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Myostatin Genetic Muscle Killer

Myostatin suppression holds much hope for us muscle heads and we can be assured that in the near future a means will be found to exploit this gene and suppress its expression.

If you do a little research on Google you will come across Wendy the Wippet – a Myostatin deficient dog & no doubt some photo’s of Belgian Blue cattle.

wendy wippet

myostatin dog

myostatin cow

belgian blue

These animals are so muscular because their bodies lack expression of the Myostatin gene which prevents muscle growth. Some humans also lack this gene and are exceptionally strong, lean and muscular.

The fact is that a human fully developed like these animals might carry 4-8 stone more muscle than a normal human athlete. Really most of us would be better off with just 3-4 more stone.

Anything more than this can cause tendon problems & “maybe” overburden the internal organs but this is to be proven.

Several supplements have been released claiming to suppress Myostatin such as brown seaweed & MYO-T12 which contains processed fertile egg yolks (hens lay eggs even without sex). Both of these contain follistatin which suppresses myostatin. However the body can not absorb the follistatin. Both products are hogwash and I strongly recommend you do not waste your money.

The good news is that research has proven heavy weight training does temporarily lower myostatin levels. Even better protein taken both before & after workouts further lowers myostatin and allows the body to grow.

More research will tell us the exact protein mix that is most effective. For now forget the bogus egg yolk supplements and take quality proteins before and after training.

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