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Melting Off some Abdominal Fat

The High Intensity Interval training definitely works. I have found that its not too difficult to break into. If you are a newbie you may find it a bit too much.

I definitely see some improvements in my physique and feel a whole lot fitter from a cardio vascular perspective. I will continue to train in this manner from now on. Its great !!!

Im having a day off today though – dont want to burn out. Cheers.

High Intensity Interval Training

I am still planning on my marathon run. But over the last few weeks I have been doing HIIT training. This involves 30 seconds of super intense activity followed by 30 seconds of moderate activity – you continue this without rest for 15 minutes.

The beauty is you can do it with any form of exercise. My first HIIT workout I used the rowing machine for 15 minutes then the grinder for another 15. So it was 30 minutes in total then I did some abdominal work and some stretches.

Because HIIT workouts are so short you can still do your regular weights too – which I am.

High Intensity Interval Training has beed proven in scientific studies to be highly effective in combating stubborn abdominal fat. It is also more effective than traditional long slow aerobics at burning fat and speeding up the metabolism.

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