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Kettlebell Snatch Training

The big test for kettlebell snatch is the SSST – for males that’s 200 24kg snatches in 10 minutes. RKC also has a test that is 100 in 5 minutes. Women can do the tests with 16kg.


Now those numbers represent a “pass” but some people do it with much more weight.

Snatch is tough on cardio & on the hands. Hence if you want to do well with snatch training then you will benefit from doing a lot of intense running and other similar cardio. If running is too hard on your knees you can row, cycle and jump rope.

Snatching alone won’t get you to top numbers in the snatch due to the hand damage.

So you want to take a two pronged approach as like most kettlebell work this is “strength-endurance”

For strength I recommend the Alpha Snatch program which is designed to take you up to the next level kettlebell in six weeks.
If you can snatch 50 reps in 5 minutes with a 20kg then after this program you will be able to do the same with a 24kg.

You then rest from it and do some other stuff for six weeks and you may repeat aiming for the next level up.

alpha snatch

OK Alpha Snatch will take care of your strength approach to the snatch.

For the endurance side of things apart from a cross training approach I also recommend Kenneth Jay’s famous “Viking Warrior” program. Its a great kettlebell snatch endurance & cardiovascular program.

Now Kenneth was clearly full with great enthusiasm for the snatch when he developed this program but has since released “Cardio Code” which explains that snatch while being very good is not the absolute best exercise for cardio.

viking warrior

So this is the general approach to take:

1: Use “Alpha Snatch” to increase your snatch specific strength. Its is only a short workout so you can still do all othe your other regular strength & fitness training with minor adjustments.

2: Use a “Viking Warrior” style regimen to increase cardio & snatch endurance when not doing “Alpha Snatch” – this is done with less weight.

3: Use “Cardio Code” to increase your cardiovascular fitness above and beyond what snatch training alone can do for you.

The end result after 6-12 months will be super performance in the snatch for both strength & endurance.

LSD Training Sucks

I believe I have lost fitness doing LSD running. Its made me slow like a slug. If you have never exercised & need to lose fat and ease your heart into training then it has value.

But I am an ex infantry soldier, I have lifted weights 26 years. Thanks to LSD my cardio level is very poor.

The fix ? Kettlebell snatches and the viking warrior workout will save my ass. I expect that only 1-2 months doing the cardio KB snatch routine will have my cardio in pristine condition. No more long slow runs to the beach for me.

Kettelbells are far more effective for improving cardio and fat loss while maintaining and increasing muscle.


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