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Prepare Your Knees for a life of hard training

I forget how long ago I got my weight vest. Guess it may be 18 months by now. I have done hundreds of miles in the thing since then.

I started training with 70 lbs recently for 3 hour hikes. Long weighted hikes bring out your strengths and weaknesses. Finally for me my knees have become an issue.

I began to get minor pain in my left knee some months ago, now both knees hurt immediately when I run. Its only very minor pain but it sends a nerve signal to my brain saying “stop”.
I can do every thing else without any knee pain EG: squats etc but if I don’t stop the vest training now & rehabilitate – I will never be able to do it in the future. I have already stopped running.

I think a three month intensive will not just rehabilitate my knees but make them strong enough to handle the training to come without inflammation or injury.

I have big heavy loads planned for weight vest training so I must fix this weak link now. It should vastly improve my running also.

Here its winter so 2-3 months off from hiking & running is fine with me.

The following are the products you need for world class knee strength…


Steve Cotter is the man for Kettlebell training and his Pistol video is first class. Before you get into pistols though you need to prepare your knees.

The man for this is Mike Robertson who has several products concerning mobility & joint conditioning.

single leg solution bulletproof knees

magnificent mobility

His product Bullet Proof Knees is made for the job – a world class product, others that support the knee program are magnificent mobility & single leg solution.

Finally there is the dude at elastic steel who is a flexibility & martial arts expert.

elastic steel knee

I know this is a must have too. So take a look at the above, five first class programs all of which will take your knee strength well beyond that of the average athlete.

Knee pain is often the factor that takes recruits out of military programs such as seals BUDs. I will spend the next 3 months working hard to get super knees. Then I will carefully begin rucking and weight vest training where I left it off.

Here are some links for the courses above:

You also want to check out “Secrets of the hip and knee”

secrets hip knee

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