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Bad news for manuka honey users

Well I have been an advocate of manuka honey in the past because of its natural antibiotic properties.

But those properties were linked to an unknown substance. It turns out the antimicrobial substance is methylglyoxal.

Methylglyoxal is unfortunately a genotoxin than causes irreversible damage to your genes & chromosomes.

So I can no longer encourage the use of this honey for its antibiotic properties.

Manuka Honey super antibiotic

I am suffering with a molar abscess at present. My doctor and dentist are both on holiday for another week at least.

About 5 days ago I was in deep trouble, fever and shakes all night and extreme pain. There was an abscess the size of a pea on the gum near the tooth.

Without treatment anywhere I had to find a way to treat it my self – I had tried to squeeze the abscess to burst it. This didn’t work but boy did that hurt. What that did do is spread the infection into my blood stream so I became very sick.

The next day after shaking with a fever all night I got a needle and stuck it through the abscess about 5 times. I then got a green tea bag and placed it against the abscess as a poultice. Then I went back to bed to rest. About 7 hours later the abscess was 80% drained but I still felt very ill.

The abscess was gone the next day and there was a small hole going through the gums to the Molar roots.

I drank green tea continuously for 3 days and kept a fresh tea bag on the abscess area for 3 days. I needed antibiotics as the infection made me very weak and green about the gills. I used Garlic, Onions and Ginger all fried up in olive oil along with a delicious steak. Had a few of those.

Also have been mouth washing with apple cider vinegar which is disgusting.

Anyway this brings me to the Manuka honey. Manuka is Tea Tree, a common bush in New Zealand.


tea tree

Tea Tree is a well known disinfectant and anti bacterial. It turns out the honey made from manuka flowers concentrates the antibiotic properties of the plant. But not just any honey, they actually grade the medical value of the antibiotic with a UMF rating – Ultimate Manuka Factor.


Now I say its a Super Antibiotic because it can actually kill the super bug – meningitis found in many hospitals. It kills a host of bacteria and is at least as effective as penicillin in many cases.

But you need UMF 20 for it to be worth while. regular honey is no good.

Heres the cheapest place I could find to get it:


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