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High Iron Blood Work

High Iron Blood Work

In my younger years I wouldnt have given a shit if my blood iron was high – but now I care at 41.

I know ast/alt can be elevated without it being pathological – often just caused by weight training.

This does not seem to be the case with ferritin, iron saturation & iron binding capacity.

Red blood cell count and myoglobulin can be elevated by exercise so do not necesarily mean anything pathological.

But the iron numbers do seem to indicate pathology with no exercise cause.

So I got the gene test and it was negative, maybe I ate too much big juicy steak, maybe it was the welding I did 10 yrs ago.

I dont know. But I will give blood and do some chelation to improve my iron levels.


Iron Binding Capacity: 34 umol/l (45-75)

Iron Saturation: 0.79 (.15-.50)

Ferritin: 412 ug/l (20-250)

Iron: 27 umol/l (10-30)

Kind of pisses me off I didn’t catch it sooner – anyway I have no symptoms.

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