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Middle Age Sucks

Man I love sports – weight lifting – I used to be an infantry soldier 10 years ago.

7 years back I tested for re-entry and passed with flying colors at 35. So a couple of years back at 40 I tried again expecting to ace it as I am actually much stronger now. I failed dismally on both the medical and fitness. Turned out I had Iron overload and ended up having venesections to clean it out of my body.

So I cant run any more as I am too big but I am still fit and very strong – men increase in strength into senior years if they keep training but lung capacity and cardio usually decline.

Then there is the belly fat.

Then there are all those little injuries that add up and take longer to heal.

Basically middle age has a few advantages and many disadvantages. Hormonal decline is like drinking poison everyday. Without those elevated hormone levels your body decays a little every moment. And then there are the telomeres.

So many therapies are in the very near horizon such as myostatin, telomerase, already you can improve your hormonal profile very beneficially.

Middle aged people still want to be athletes and soldiers – I do. They still want to sprint like they were 20 years old.

Its a huge huge market. Aging sucks, I hate it. I don’t want to get old and die a sick miserable death.

Hormonal therapies exist now and could easily be smartified – such as smart implants that regulate hormone levels.

What we want now are myostatin and telomerase therapies to complement more advanced hormone therapy.

As for the mind – neurofeedback and hypnosis can take you a very long way when applied correctly with the proper vision and skill.

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