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Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue Stack

This is a special report I decided to make having come across a product claiming to contain HGH and HGH precursors.

The product looked great, many of the purported advantages of HGH supplementation or enhancement are very appealing.

· Increase Muscle Mass and growth
· Improved sleep
· Reduced stress
· Anti depressant
· Increased energy
· Improved cholesterol profile
· Improve immune system function
· Strengthen nails and hair
· Improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions
· Decrease body fat
· Reduce wrinkles & age spots
· Restore hair condition and color
· Improve memory
· Improve vision
· Enhances effects of exercise

That’s quite a list of benefits and the list on the sales page was very similar. As a bodybuilder and health enthusiast I could not help to become excited.

Now I already have researched HGH in the past but I did not want to be injecting myself with hormones.

So, when I came across the term “secretagogue” that changed things somewhat.

A secretagogue is a pro-hormone stimulant that causes the body to naturally produce and secrete its own hormones at a greater level.

The natural balance is maintained within the body.


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