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Jump Rope Program

I figured skipping is much more efficient than jogging and is meant to provide 3 x the benefits in the same time period.

One hour of skipping will provide the same fitness benefit as 3 hours jogging plus its much easier on the body.

Well how about skipping for just 15 minutes every hour of the day. This will give you 150 minutes in a 10 hour day. 150 minutes skipping is equal to 7.5 hours jogging.

So thats great but I am finding my calf muscles are getting a hammering.

JumpRope or Skipping kicks Ass !!!

If you are following my blog you will know I am training to re-enlist in the NZ Army at 40.
You will also know I just sprained my darn calf muscle while on the treadmill doing a crazy sprint.

Well I got to thinking what has changed about my training since I was in the infantry reserve ten years ago. In all respects I am a better athlete except at running. My flexibility is about the same, strength quite a bit better, muscle mass greater, cardio is fine on the rowing machine, crunches I can pump out by the hundred.

One thing is different – I used to skip. I also used to do chi kung and muay thai on my hand made punch bag but thats for another post.

Skipping is held to be three times as effective as jogging.

Heres a breakdown of calories burned with intense activities…

  • Wood Chopping 400
    Tennis 420
    Skiing 10 mph 600
    Cycling 13 mph 660
    Running 5.7 mph 720
    Skipping at 120-140 turns per minute 720
    Skull Rowing (race) 840
    Running 10 mph 900
  • The thing with skipping is its a hell of a lot easier on the body that sprinting.

    Your calves, tendons and ligaments are likely to be strengthened rather than injured like they could be running. Thats my only gripe with running being a big guy – I know I can blow a gasket.

    I weigh 220-230 lbs so thats a lot of weight to be putting on my hips, knee’s and connective tissue.

    I do rowing but it wont condition the lower body much even though its great for cardio. Skipping is the solution that can improve your running without risking lower body injury.

    You know as an athlete two golden rules are “Don’t waste time” and “Don’t risk injury”.

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