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Special forces operator training programs

There are some really decent special forces fitness programs floating around on the net these days.

A couple of very simple effective programs are here for you to download.

Selected: Selected Ebook

How to use this course.
A very successful Olympic running coach once said that the better prepared athlete would always beat
the faster athlete.  We think he’s right.  In the US Army Special Forces selection and assessment course
you may be competing for selection against faster or stronger servicemen.  But, if you have completed
this course, done the workouts and absorbed the educational material – and put into practice what you
have learned – you will be one of the best prepared applicants and more likely to succeed.

SFAS Training Manual: Training for the tactical athlete

SFAS 14 week strength :SFAS 14 Week Strength

SFAS 6 week strength: SFAS 6 Week Strength

SFAS 14 week prep: 14 week prep

SFAS 10 week prep: 10 week prep

Stew Smiths new Navy Seal Weight Training book

Stewart is one of my favorite fitness experts – his programs are hard.

Hard to complete that’s for sure and its because the end objective is passing special operations selection. Well perhaps thats the preliminary objective. Anyway I got his new book & it is recommended to periodize this program with his other Navy Seal Training book.

Together these two programs WILL make you physically invincible – but its highly unlikely you will fully hack either.

stew smith navy seal book

Stew is a great trainer & this program has very strong parallels with the SAS prep program I posted a link to in my ruck marching post.

5 star program as with most of Stewart Smiths stuff.

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