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A Safe Natural & Legal Anabolic Steroid Formula

Who ever would have thought there was such a thing. A legal safe & natural anabolic formula. Well I’m sure if you read my last three posts but had never considered these things before you may think I’m Fubar.

For starters you only want to take this stuff if you are over 35-40

Unlike synthetic steroids the side affects of this stuff are largely healthy. Some of the ingredients are even pretty easy to come by for free. If you buy in bulk you can get a years supply for under $400.

Is it a real anabolic steroid ? YES in fact if you take too much or use it for too long your gonads will shut down. That and any associated problems are in fact the only negative side affect I am aware of.
If you use it carefully in the right amounts testicular shut down wont occur.

This stuff is legal because it is non toxic and medicinal. Unlike steroids it does not create poisonous by products in the body. What it has that steroids don’t have is is dozens of bioactive health giving substances which I wont bother to list. The information is easy to find online.

Here is my formula for a tincture to prevent andropause related hormone problems for men over 40.

With the exception of the antler this can be attributed to the book “Natural Testosterone Solution”

Testosterone & Growth factor Tincture – daily dose

Tienchi Ginseng : 1/3 teaspoon x3 per day
Pine Pollen tincture : 1 teaspoon per day
Nettle Root : 1200 mg per day
Tribulus : 500 mg per day
Panax Ginseng : 1/4 teaspoon per day
Siberian Ginseng : 1 teaspoon x2 per day

The above formula can be taken daily indefinitely

To be cycled 3 weeks on 1 week off …

Pantocrine – deer antler extract : 4-10 droppers per day depending on your weight

I recommend you make your own pantocrine by tincturing antler slices with everclear or bacadi 151 & distilled water.

Should women take this – absolutely not
Should teens & young adults take this – no
Should you consult your physician for hormonal blood monitoring – yes and for hematocrit levels too

The antler is the more potent tincture by far – hence the cycle. On the other hand the subtlety of the pollen tincture is its strength

If you are curious the antler has resulted in 300% increases in testosterone in some studies – appropriate anti-aromatase will be required to prevent it converting to oestrogen

Pine pollen tincture can cause testicular shut down when used in dosages of 1/4 cup daily

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