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Testosterone Enhancement Stack

If you are anything like me at the age of 40 you know its make or break
time. If you don’t enact a program to slow the aging process, well its going
to be all down hill.

Any male over 40 is sure to have an interest in enhancing Testosterone
production while mitigating production of estrogens and the possibility of
prostate cancer.

There are tests your physician can perform to check for signs of prostate
cancer – and no I don’t mean a physical exam. You may want to keep that
in mind if you are following a testosterone enhancement program.

The Testosterone Stack Ingredients

Ok lets get down to business and make our own Testosterone stack at 70%
below the cost of retail supplements.

The Ingredients: Take twice per day

• DHEA – 25 mg
o Zinc (L-aspartate or zinc chelate) – 30mg
o Magnesium (Magnesium Aspartate)- 450mg
o Vitamin B6 – 22mg
• Tribulus – 600 – 800 mg

Additional Supplements

• tongkhat ali – 1:100 extract at 400 mg for 10 days (5 days off)
• horny goatweed – 200 – 1000 mg extract per day
• saw palmetto – 160 mg twice daily

Down Load the Full Report:

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