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My New Grip Training Equipment

I just got my Iron Woody Super Gripper in the mail today. It does not come with any information on the grip poundages of the spring positions but there is a free program online with this information.

There are applications for IVANKO, Iron Woody & Hammar sports :

I have four extra springs & have no idea how much force is the maximum but the software will chart it up to over 400 lbs with 3 springs. Even just two springs can achieve 250 lbs.

Hers a pic of me & my new super grippers…

Iron Woody Super Grippers

I also got a set of five heavy grips about a month back & can nearly mash 250 lbs. But that last 7 mm seems to be the problem – the super gripper can be used to do partial reps on that final squeeze and I suspect the final squeeze of a wrist curl works the same muscles & tendons.

hand gripper

Finally I went to the hardware store and bought some thumb clamps to work my thumbs and fingers.

thumb clamp

My goal is to close 400 lbs and I am doing additional forearm training such as hammer curls, reverse curls, pinches and weighted pull ups in addition to my regular training program.

Grip Training Mania Takes Hold !!!

Man for all these years I neglected grip & hand strength. In the time since my last post I have been quite consumed by it. Well let me tell you it is the secret key that can give you a strength edge.

Most folks don’t do grip training – if you have 2-3x your present grip all your other weights can go up big time.

Yet because the muscles involved are small its easy to increase the weights and resistance.

There is also a bunch of different equipment you can use – get a set of quality hand grippers off ebay. You want from 150 lbs to 300 lbs or so.


I also ordered an ivanko super gripper which is still in the mail. These things go to over 400 lbs which is an awesomely strong grip.


I will be releasing a book on grip training real soon.

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