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Training When You are Sick or Injured

In this post I’m talking about minor ailments like colds or flu and minor sprains.

Basically all aerobics and heavy weights should cease for a few days. You want to rest – especially with colds and flu.

Lets talk about the training that you can do.

1. Stretching including isometric stretching

2. Occlusion Training – very light high rep weight training using occlusion

3. If you are into martial arts its still OK to do some Iron Palm or Iron Body style training

That’s it – illness and injury are a time for rest. Don’t fight against recuperation – go with the flow.

Bicep Curl Anatomy 101

I’m working on a big bunch of videos – starting with bicep training.

Heres a quick intro to the biceps anatomy for exercises like the barbell curl. Sorry I cut off at the end but like I said I’m making a bunch of vids on various exercises.

OK after making that previous video I realized I should have mentioned pronation. This is a way to isolate between the two biceps heads.

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