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Bicep Curl Anatomy 101

I’m working on a big bunch of videos – starting with bicep training.

Heres a quick intro to the biceps anatomy for exercises like the barbell curl. Sorry I cut off at the end but like I said I’m making a bunch of vids on various exercises.

OK after making that previous video I realized I should have mentioned pronation. This is a way to isolate between the two biceps heads.

Burning Ab Fat

Its time to lose that old belly fat. Man its the only place on my body that has a layer of fat – and I can do 1000 ab crunches straight. So much for spot reduction. What does work for me very quickly is long slow low intensity running. But after a week or two I get burned out.

This time I am swopping things around to try and avoid that burnout. I’m doing 20 minutes on the rower then 20 minutes on the … well I forgot the name for this machine but its just like a bicycle but you use your arms and hands not your legs, while standing. Then the rower for another 20 if i feel like it.

So this is upper body aerobics. In between these days I do weights and I will throw some running days in there too when the weather fines up. The problem for us weightlifters is that running gets dull – and like I said you get overtrained.

So I may experiment with some other stuff like hiking outdoors, playing squash and swimming.
I have to lose this belly fat, but I dont want to diet and lose muscle.

The Secret to Lifetime Fitness Training

Hi folks, as some of you may know I have worked out consistently for twenty three years.
Thats more than half my life as I’m 39. I have trained nearly every week of those 23 years except when I am ill or when I have a deliberate lay off.

In this video I discuss the two simple factors that determine just how long most people last as athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It only a simple video but I hope you get the message.

Where to get your supplements super cheap

Hey man I just made a youtube vid explaining where I get my cheap supplements from.

Check it out…

I have stubborn Arms !!!

Here are my Physique Pictures

Its not perfect as you can see. In fact there are two major things wrong with my bod.
front chest
front chest 2

front chest 3

1. My arms are too small for the rest of my body. All the rest has the proper bodybuilding proportions.

2. I’m a bit fat. I am smooth, my abs dont show and I have a bit of a pot gut from stuffing my face.

Positives –

I lose fat fast when I do aerobics (but I get overtrained).

I’m pretty strong and reckon I can gain strength from where I’m at now pretty fast.

I am in good general health.

My legs are lean and well developed proportionately.

I can do 1000 crunches easy. I bench more than my body weight easily.

Goals –

At present I am usually between 220 and 230 lbs at 5 ft 11 in. Steroid free for life.

I’d like to gain a couple of stone, get rid of the fat and enlarge my arms proportionately.
I’d like to increase over all size, strength and lean mass up to about 260 lbs.

At present I train 3-4 times per week. Splitting upper and lower body.
My workouts are 45 minutes and heavy. I do about 12 -16 sets per workout and some warmup.

My aerobics efforts are sporadic at best. I only run when its sunny and do about 45 minutes to
an hour on the rowing machine each week in total.

The Two Best Stretching Books in the World

Yes there are two outstanding books on flexibility.

1: Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz

stretching scientifically


How to stretch safely and quickly to achieve and maintain your maximum flexibility
How to make your muscles grow stronger and longer so you stay flexible all the time
How to do splits even if you are over 40 or 50
How to kick high and do splits with no warm-up
How to develop each of the three kinds of flexibility—dynamic, static active and static passive—to suit every athlete’s needs
What exercises are “no-no’s” if you want to stretch your muscles
All the factors limiting flexibility
Brilliantly simple tests of hip joint mobility and muscle length that dispel common misconceptions of what limits flexibility the most

2: Relax into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline

Relax into Stretch

How the secret of mastering your emotions can add immediate inches to your stretch
How to wait out your tension the surprising key to greater mobility and a better stretch
How to fool your reflexes into giving you all the stretch you want
Why contract-relax stretching is 267% more effective than conventional relaxed stretching
How to breathe your way to greater flexibility
Using the Russian technique of Forced Relaxation as your ultimate stretching weapon
How to stretch when injured faster, safer ways to heal
Young, old, male, female learn what stretches are best for you and what stretches to avoid
Why excessive flexibility can be detrimental to athletic performance and how to determine your real flexibility needs
Plateau-busting strategies for the chronically inflexible.

Bodybuilder Frank Zane – Mr Olympia posing

Pro Bodybuilding legend and three time Mr Olympia poses, wins the contest, accepts his trophy and shakes the hand of Arnold Schwarzenegger – celebrating a job well…

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Danny Padilla posing in gym

Classic bodybuilding muscle man – Mr. America, Danny “The Giant Killer” Padilla goes through some poses in the gym in 1990 (four weeks before taking third place at…

Hall of Fame Pro Bodybuilder – Ed Corney posing

Golden Age bodybuiding star poses for an exhibition at the age of 51. The muscular physique that made this massive muscle man the cover model for Pumping Iron is…

Female Bodybuilding Posing Practice with Nancy Arnold

Nancy practices her compulsory bodybuilding posing routine on 4/14, 4/21/ and 4/28/2006 in preparation for her 4/29 show.

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